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Table Body A unique combination of lumber and plywood is being used for all wooden parts of our tables.
The non-toxic paint used is certified for childen's toys in Germany btw..

Screen There is always a controversy when it comes to gaming on TFT-displays. We have been comparing TFTs from different makers for several months: Either the viewing angle was unacceptable for a table or the response time was too slow.

Finally, we found a great multisync industry TFT solution for our tables. We are very pleased with the wide viewing angle (from all directions!), the quick response time, the hassle-free autodetect sync for applications between 15kHz and 31kHz and the rugged metal casing.
The screen orientation can be easily changed from horizontal to vertical. This design is especially great for vertical shooting games!
Have a look at the following closeup of our TFT with a picture from a «Mushihimesama» arcade PCB (at 15kHz).

Closeup picture of TFT from «Mushihimesama» PCB arcade game.

Control Panel All new genuine japanese arcade hardware is being used for the joystick and the action buttons. One Sanwa Joystick and four LED-illuminated action buttons are already wired according to JAMMA/Neo Geo Standard. Moreover, there is a connector jack to connect a joystick/joypad for a second player (accepts Neo Geo compatible joysticks, joypads or adapters). Just in case that your arcade game board does not support a "free-play" feature, we also provided a hidden non-illuminated standard-button for Coin-In functionality.

closeup of controlpanel with illumnimation turned  off


Thanks to the internal JAMMA interface of our Arcade Coffee Table, you can plug in most JAMMA-compatible arcade PCBs which have been made during the last 20 years. The only restrictions may be the control type and/or the size of the PCB - max. PCB dimensions: (WxLxH) 300mm x 350mm x 120mm.

Sound The 2-way speaker system is provided by Canton (JAMMA compatible, mono).

Silent Power Supply Depending on the configuration, either one or two convection-cooled power supplies will provide enough power without any noise from cooling fans. Of course, those industry-grade power supplies will accept a broad range between 100 to 240 VAC. The mains switch is illuminated and contains a separate mains fuse.

Last but not least, the girlfriend-compatible form-factor: If your girlfriend or spouse does not allow a true arcade cabinet in your house, then this may be the solution for you...

...or just upgrade your maid-cafe or ante room.


Our JAMMA Cabinet Projects:

Custom Arcade Coffee Table (JAMMA compatible) Arcade Table "Treasure Chest"
Not for sale!
Similar model available!
Custom Arcade Coffee Table (JAMMA compatible) Arcade Table "Red Dragon"
For sale!
Accepting offers!
Custom Arcade Coffee Table (JAMMA compatible) Arcade Table "Kyoto"
Not for sale!
Midway-style Arcade Cocktail Table with Neo Geo MV-4F Hardware Arcade Table "Neo Geo Cocktail"
Not for sale!

Our Arcade Custom PCBs:

JAMMA Interface PCB (MAK, Supergun) for your own projects JAMMA Supergun/MAK PCB
79,- € (incl. VAT)
RGB nach NTSC Video Encoder PCB for do-it-yourself projects RGB to NTSC
Video Encoder PCB
Currently not available!
Adapter PCB for do-it-yourself control panels with soldering pads Control panel adapter
21,- € (incl. VAT)
Adapter PCB for do-it-yourself control panels with terminals Control panel adapter with terminals
25,- € (incl. VAT)

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