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As you may have guessed - our arcade table workshop is located in Germany, close to the city of Duesseldorf. With regards to requests from overseas; shipping and insurance costs of these delicated items are rather prohibitive. Therefore, we only encourage shipping within Germany or picking up the table here at the source.

All references to the JAMMA standard refer to the JAMMA «First Edition».

What you can expect: Our arcade table design objects contain all components which are necessary to install a JAMMA-compatible arcade gameboard. Each table is unique and can be customized to buyer's needs; ask for details please.
All integrated components are fully tested and compliant to the respective German (EU) regulations.

The user has to supply and install a JAMMA compatible arcade gameboard for operations on his/her own. Operations without an arcade gameboard is not possible. Compatibility with arcade gameboards can also be limited by certain control types and the physical size of the arcade gameboard. See our gallery for technical details and limitations of individual tables.

What it's not: This is not a toy. Our tables are for private use only. This is neither a factory nor are we doing mass production. We are not providing any plans or CAD files of our tables regardless whether it is for private or commercial use. Also, we do not provide do-it-yourself kits or table components (unless you have bought a table and need a spare part).

Terms and Conditions: This is a private sale, so no refunds and/or warranty. We are happy to answer questions and provide support preferably via email. (We would like to add that we never experienced a component failure since our first project in early 2006!)

Errors and omissions excepted. All descriptions and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Really old projects can be found here.


Our JAMMA Cabinet Projects:

Custom Arcade Coffee Table (JAMMA compatible) Arcade Table "Treasure Chest"
Not for sale!
Similar model available!
Custom Arcade Coffee Table (JAMMA compatible) Arcade Table "Red Dragon"
For sale!
Accepting offers!
Custom Arcade Coffee Table (JAMMA compatible) Arcade Table "Kyoto"
Not for sale!
Midway-style Arcade Cocktail Table with Neo Geo MV-4F Hardware Arcade Table "Neo Geo Cocktail"
Not for sale!

Our Arcade Custom PCBs:

JAMMA Interface PCB (MAK, Supergun) for your own projects JAMMA Supergun/MAK PCB
79,- € (incl. VAT)
RGB nach NTSC Video Encoder PCB for do-it-yourself projects RGB to NTSC
Video Encoder PCB
Currently not available!
Adapter PCB for do-it-yourself control panels with soldering pads Control panel adapter
21,- € (incl. VAT)
Adapter PCB for do-it-yourself control panels with terminals Control panel adapter with terminals
25,- € (incl. VAT)

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