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Arcade Coffe Table - Teak Edition

Originally, our little venture started with the design of electronic arcade hardware components. We finally developed a line of JAMMA interface PCBs (printed circuit boards) and arcade control panel adapters. Unlike conventional MAK or supergun adapters, our interfaces allow for easy integration of arcade game boards into self-made cabinets. Consequently, our custom-made PCBs are being used in our own projects as well. At the same time, we started building 80's retro arcade cocktail tables. In 2007, we finally unveiled our own original Arcade Coffee Table design.

Arcade Coffe Table - Kyoto

These are unique and individually hand-crafted items - not a factory-made series! We only create a very, very limited number of items per year - if we are motivated at all. Usually, our friends and aquaintances grab our creations rather quickly. Occasionally, we may present an object here as «for sale/accepting offers» which means, we are open to serious offers. Please be aware that our objects usually cost somewhere between € 2.000,- and € 3.000,-

Arcade Table - LED-illuminated action buttons

Btw. - shipping costs for such a delicate item are not for the faint-hearted. Therefore, we highly recommend to pick up your table when you are around here in Germany, 'mmmkay.

For any serious offers and/or questions, please contact us via email: «ofni.regit-repap@ybbob» , thank you.

In order to avoid any confusion - our Arcade Table are not based on PC hardware or videogame consoles. Instead, the user can install JAMMA-compatible arcade game hardware boards (printed circuit boards, PCBs) into the table. Basiccally the same stuff which is installed in video game arcades around the world. If you have never ever seen an arcade game PCB you should browse the excellent System 16 Arcade Museum.
One more thing - we are not selling or trading arcade game boards but we can give you directions to get your favorite arcade game (board).
If you are located in Europe, you may want to check out the online shop at ArcadiaBay. ArcadiaBay is well-known for their huge selection of classic arcade game boards and also their very knowledgable and friendly staff.


Our JAMMA Cabinet Projects:

Custom Arcade Coffee Table (JAMMA compatible) Arcade Table "Treasure Chest"
Not for sale!
Similar model available!
Custom Arcade Coffee Table (JAMMA compatible) Arcade Table "Red Dragon"
For sale!
Accepting offers!
Custom Arcade Coffee Table (JAMMA compatible) Arcade Table "Kyoto"
Not for sale!
Midway-style Arcade Cocktail Table with Neo Geo MV-4F Hardware Arcade Table "Neo Geo Cocktail"
Not for sale!

Our Arcade Custom PCBs:

JAMMA Interface PCB (MAK, Supergun) for your own projects JAMMA Supergun/MAK PCB
79,- € (incl. VAT)
RGB nach NTSC Video Encoder PCB for do-it-yourself projects RGB to NTSC
Video Encoder PCB
Currently not available!
Adapter PCB for do-it-yourself control panels with soldering pads Control panel adapter
21,- € (incl. VAT)
Adapter PCB for do-it-yourself control panels with terminals Control panel adapter with terminals
25,- € (incl. VAT)

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